Emerilware Deep Fryer by T-Fal

Stainless Steel Electric FR7009001

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Emerilware Deep Fryer by T-Fal Professional chefs know what they're doing and they appreciate a good tool in the kitchen. Emeril and T-Fal have paired to provide the best deep fryer I've seen. The Emerilware Deep Fryer has all of the basics and some exceptional extras. I could describe it in two words: simplicity and capacity.

The basics include a large capacity which handles up to 2 2/3 pounds of fresh food per batch and recovers cooking temperature quickly. The fry basket is large and can be controlled externally, eliminating splatter and making the process safer. Both the bowl and basket have fill markings. An extra large viewing window is surrounded by the shine of brushed stainless. A permanent filter reduces odors.

The exceptional extras are the oil filtration and draining system. You never, ever have to touch the oil. Simply allow the machine to cool down, press a button, and the fryer filters the oil as it drains into a resealable oil storage container which hides underneath the machine. An indicator keeps track and tells you when to replace the oil. The digitally controlled timer gives you precision in frying and helps yield crispier food. Afterwards, everything except the heating element can go through the dishwasher. The handle of the cooking basket even folds down, saving space in the wash. They thought of everything.

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