Emile Henry Flame Top Tagine

Red Burgundy Clay 12 1/2 Inch

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Emile Henry Flame Top Tagine The Emile Henry Flame Top Tagine is a stunning piece of cookware. Imagine beauty and function rolled into one. Made with Burgundy clay, the Flame Top Tagine can be used directly on a gas flame, electric burner, or halogen hob without a diffuser.

The Tagine is also microwave and broiler safe and can go directly from the freezer or refrigerator to a hot oven to a table. The Burgundy clay has an incredible heat retaining capacity. And did I mention that the Tagine is gorgeous, too?

Made in the traditional tagine shape, the Emile Henry Flame Top Tagine makes a serving piece worthy of the delicious meals you'll cook inside it. It's prefect for braising meats, and for slow, natural cooking. My mouth is watering at the thought of a hot Moroccan meal with all its complexity of flavors.

Not only will your meal taste great and look great, it will be easy to clean up, too. The Emile Henry Tagine is dishwasher safe.

And talk about durable! Though the Emile Henry Tagine is up to 30% lighter than many comparable metal cookware products, it is built to last. An innovation in ceramics technology, the Tagine can be left on an open flame for an extended period of time, without any ingredients in the pot, with no fear of cracking, breakage, or discoloration.

Another wonder in its technology are the raised dots on the underneath side of the lid which distribute evaporated juices directly back into the food, producing a more evenly cooked, tender, and moist meal.

Even if you can't buy a plane ticket to the Middle East, you can let your taste buds travel there. And while you feast upon the culinary wonders you create in the Tagine, let your eyes feast upon its beauty.

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