Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt Maker Fermentation YM100

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Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt MakerThe Italian-inspired design of the Euro-Cuisine won't impress you as much as the performance. This model is one of the most highly rated of its kind, in part because it comes with a feature most don't include- an automatic shut off.

The glass jars hold up to use and clean without the problems of plastic. People wish the included jars came with a way to seal them for transport, but to get around this without leaks in your lunch container, the yogurt could be transferred to another container to carry out of the house. Replacement jars are available, but most people seem to substitute other small jars or one large bowl instead of purchasing spares.

This is a great option if you consume a lot of yogurt or require a special diet. Yogurt can be prepared without preservatives, using soy or other milk substitutes, or even unusual alternatives to cow's milk. Recipes and cook times can be adjusted to give you a final product that matches your particular preferences. You can even prepare a different flavor in each jar.

Using a combination of products, it is possible to make your own non-animal based milk substitute at home and then convert it into cheese, yogurt, and ice cream products using a selection of interesting, now-widely-available appliances. If you've priced soy and rice dairy alternatives, you can see how this might add up to significant savings once the price of the appliances has been recouped.

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