Fagor 3 in 1 Electric Multi Pressure Cooker

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Fagor 3 in 1 Electric Multi PressureIf you have a small kitchen and want to maximize counter space, or upgrade from an old slow cooker to a slick new feature packed model, then this might be the appliance for you.

The Multi-Cooker from Fagor combines three very useful cooking functions in one rather modern looking unit. As is often the case, you are sacrificing some features for the all-in-one convenience, although not too much here. The pressure cooker would be a good introduction for those new to the method. There are two pressure settings and safety features to keep the pressurized cooker under control- such as an interlock that prevents the lid from being opened while under pressure. The pressure developed is a bit less than that produced from a dedicated pressure cooker, however that shouldn't be too noticeable when preparing pressure cooked meals.

The slow cooker feature has a timer for controlled cooking without supervision. Also there is a high heat setting for browning meats in the pot before adding the liquids.

The rice cooker feature has only a single setting for cooking rice. Since the cooker uses steam pressure to cook, it promises to have that rice ready for you in only six minutes. There is a delay timer as well to hold off the cooking for up to eight hours. Another useful feature is that as soon as any of the cooking cycles finishes, the cooker switches to keep-warm mode until you return.

With a 6-quart nonstick insert pot, this can prepare a family size meal or side dish with a minimum of work, even hours ahead of mealtime. Or if you need dinner on the table in minutes, the Multi-Cooker can handle that too.

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