Fagor Aluminum Square Griddle Pan

Non Stick Skillet Induction w/ Removable Handle

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Fagor Aluminum Square Griddle Pan The new cast aluminum cookware by Fagor is induction ready, which allows a high degree of savings and efficiency when combined with use of an induction cooktop, yet it can be used on any cooktop.

The conductivity of cast aluminum provides uniform heating. The griddle is guaranteed never to warp due to the casting process and extra thick base. A double layer of high grade nonstick coating (Skandi by Akzo Nobel) provides scratch resistance and durability. Your Fagor won't peel or blister.

Nonstick means less oil needed to prepare your dishes and less fat and calories in your diet. The ridges in the grill help oils drain away from your food. The griddle can be used to prepare healthier versions of meat, fish, and vegetable meals. Cook and serve from the same pan due to the attractive modern design.

The handle design may be the best feature of all: it can be removed for easy storage if you choose! It is colorful, heat resistant, and non slip. The side spout enables the cook to remove extra grease or oil easily. The nonstick coating helps prevent burning and keeps food from adhering to the pan.

Cast aluminum is oven and dishwasher safe, although to preserve the coating you may want to hand wash the pan. Weighing just under three pounds, the pan is a bit heavy, but strong and durable. Fagor is the worldwide leader in induction cooktops. Who better to design the pan you'll use?

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