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Stainless Steel Duo 8 Quart

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Fagor Duo Pressure Cooker Set Take the pressure off the cook and put it in the cooker. With Fagor's Duo 8-quart Pressure Cooker, you can have dinner in less than an hour, which is especially nice when you haven't given dinner a thought until about an hour or so before you'd like to be eating eat.

Fabor's Duo Pressure Cooker is constructed of 18/10 stainless steel, making it much more durable that an aluminum pressure cooker. And it works on all heat sources.

The 8-quart pressure cooker includes an automatic pressure release position, a visual pressure indicator, and a safety locking handle which is ergonomically designed and thus comfortable to hold.

A steamer basket, instruction manual, and recipe booklet are included, as is a 10-year warranty. The recipe booklet will surely be handy for those who have never used a pressure cooker before, and it may even provide some inspiration for those who've been pressure cooking for years.

A pressure cooker is ideal for cooking meats- whether that's meatballs, ribs,or even pot roast. It's also great for cooking soup, stew, oatmeal, and even desserts like rice pudding.

As with any new kitchen appliance, it's essential to read the manual from cover to cover. Plus there's a instructional DVD to watch. So, while you may have to put some time in up front to learn how to use the pressure cooker, you'll save time in the long run.

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