Fagor Splendid Pressure Cooker

Stainless Steel Aluminum 6 Quart

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Fagor Splendid Pressure Cooker Fagor's Splendid six-quart pressure cooker adds energy efficient construction and extra safety features to this traditional time saving concept. Fagor's cooker uses a sealed layer of heat conductive aluminum between two layers of stainless steel to increase thermal efficiency and reduce cooking times by up to 75 percent.

Old fashioned pressure cookers were more than a little scary, with noisy weighted pressure release valves that did a crazy dance on the pot lid and awkward gaskets that only sometimes sealed. With only one release valve to prevent over pressure problems, it was a pot you watched carefully.

Fagor goes beyond the bare essentials with this modern version, including a main pressure valve with two pressure settings for different cooking requirements and two independent over-pressure valves for added safety. The lid locks in place when steam begins to build, and a popup indicator drops back down when the cooker is safe to open.

Quick cooking times lock in vitamins and other essential nutrients, adding to the practical value of this appliance. Although much improved over older designs, some of the same cautions still apply. When cleaning the cooker, make sure the valves are clear. Some foods like beans may shed hulls that can clog valves during the cooking cycle -- adding a little vegetable oil will help prevent foaming and floating, but always read and follow recipes carefully.

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