Farberware Chroma Cookware Set

Kitchen Nonstick Porcelain 12 Piece

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Farberware Chroma Cookware Set This Farberware set would make an excellent starter grouping, containing a pan for virtually every need in the kitchen. The set includes a one, one and a half and two quart saucepan with lids, a six quart covered stockpot, skillets in eight and ten inch sizes, a slotted spoon and a solid turner, and an eleven inch square griddle with an Affiniti nonstick surface. The griddle gives you maximum cooking surface area for fried and grilled food items.

The porcelain exterior will go well with any style of kitchen decor. The nonstick interior allows you to cook using less oil and cleans up easily. Even heat distribution leads to excellent performance in meal preparation. The handles feature the comfort of silicone, are riveted for extra strength, and are oven safe to four hundred degrees.

Be aware that cookware with this porcelain exterior, if overheated on a glass or ceramic stovetop, may fuse to the surface and essentially ruin the stovetop. Dishwasher cleaning is not recommended with this set, only soap and water washing by hand. Avoid cooking spray use and high heat in order to prevent sticking issues with the nonstick coating and to prevent voiding the warranty which accompanies the cookware.

If you can easily use the cookware with these restrictions, the Chroma would make a nice all-around set or starter set of pans. If you require the convenience of dishwasher cleaning or may face a stovetop issue, continue looking. The collection is a great deal, but only if it will work under your conditions.

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