Farberware Classic Series Stockpot w/ Lid

Stainless Steel Aluminum 12 Quart

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Farberware Classic Series Stockpot w/On first impression of the Farberware Stockpot, this is one shiny object. The 18/10 stainless steel construction provides cooks with a pan that is easy to clean, heavy duty, and long lasting. A core of aluminum, sandwiched between layers of stainless steel in the pot's bottom, will provide a sustained, even distribution of heat. The lid fits snugly to keep moisture and nutrients in the pan and in your food. The rim of the pot is rolled to facilitate ease of pouring and help eliminate spills. Safe for the dishwasher and the oven, the capacity of the pot enables very large portions to be prepared, including recipes which call for great volumes of liquid.

The flat bottom helps keep the pan in contact with the heat source. The pot's size begs to be filled with mounds of corn on the cob, large quantities of fresh garden produce, a long-simmered chili or soup. Food won't stick and you can cook without scorching. The pan also holds a bit of heat, so you can pull it from the fire and still retain warmth in your dish. If you have a large family or anticipate cooking in quantity, this pot would be a boon and the brightness of the exterior will bring a bit of cheer to your kitchen.

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