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Stainless Steel Automatic 12 Cup FCP412

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Farberware Coffee Percolator The coffee percolator was once ubiquitous to the home kitchen. This is where the term "coffeepot" originated after all. Long before the fancy drip coffeemakers with their timed brewing and goldtone filters were these iconic silver workhorses.

Many of us have fond memories of coffee bubbling away in the morning during our childhood at home. The aroma evokes nostalgia of newspapers crinkling and bacon frying on the stove. This Percolator from Farberware certainly appears to be bringing the best of the genre into the present -- stainless steel with fully automatic operation and 1000 watts of power. The pot promises to brew from 4 to 12 cups of coffee at a rate of one cup per minute, and then keep the brew warm all day. The cord is detachable so you can carry the pot to the table for serving. Remember that although this is advertised as "fully automatic," there is no auto shutoff, so if you forget you will return to baked coffee sludge in the bottom of the pot.

Nostalgia aside, the reason percolators fell out of favor was because drip style coffeemakers produced a far superior cup of coffee, and had many more convenient features. Brewing coffee by percolation is rated as the worst method next to just boiling the grounds over a campfire, cowboy style. The reason you smell such a rich coffee aroma while a percolator is brewing is because it's literally cooking all the flavor out of the grounds. Still, for those that continue to rely on the "coffeepot" bubbling away in the morning, this is a durable and popular replacement for Grandma's model.

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