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Aluminum 10 Piece Nonstick

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Farberware Enhanced Cookware Set Here's a great way to get a young person (or anyone of any age moving out on their own) off to a good start. The Farberware Enhanced 10-Piece Cookware set includes all the basics by a maker with an excellent reputation.

The set includes 1-, 1 1/2-, and 2-quart saucepans, a 5-quart covered Dutch oven, and 7- and 10-inch open French skillets. Three of the best features about this set are the nonstick coating inside and out, the comfortable-grip stay-cool silicone handles, and the see-through glass lids that allow for monitoring cooking without losing moisture. (Glass lids also allow you to watch the popcorn as it pops, a phenomenon that never loses its appeal).

The saucepans, Dutch oven, and French skillets are constructed of durable aluminum which provides even heat distribution. They are all oven-safe to 350 degrees adding to their versatility. And they are all dishwasher-safe adding to their appeal.

This set can take a novice chef through the basics- pasta, grilled cheese sandwiches, canned tomato soup- to the more complex. It's everything you need to get you started and to see you through many years of home cooking.

Plus it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, making it a very worthwhile investment whether for yourself, your child, or a couple of newlyweds.

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