Farberware Millennium Soft Touch Cookware Set

Stainless Aluminum 12 Piece

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Farberware Millennium Soft TouchFarberware has been manufacturing kitchen cookware for over a hundred years. It's good to see that they continue to update the line to keep current with modern trends. Although not innovative, the Millennium Soft Touch line has solid features and durable good looks for the price.

A good quality set of cookware is a great way to get started in a new home, or replace an old worn out collection of pots and pans. All the essential pieces are included here for a better price than if individually purchased. These are all stainless steel, highly polished inside and out. The bottom of the pans includes a thick aluminum base, also clad in stainless steel for better heat conductivity on induction cooktops.

The unique feature is the integral silicone padded handle. Hence the Soft Touch title. This should prove a bonus to those with concerns over too-hot metal handles encountered while cooking. The silicone is oven safe, and rated to 400 degrees F. You will want to be extra careful that you don't allow the flame of a gas burner to melt one of those however. The handles are not replaceable parts of the cookware.

The included glass lids have roomy handles, also featuring the silicone inserts for a comfortable grip. Lastly, pay attention to the fact that there are six pans in this set, with four lids. Farberware includes a plastic spatula and slotted spoon in order to call this a 12 Piece cookware set. They would do better to advertise it as a 10 piece set and call the plastic tools a free bonus.

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