Farberware Millennium Cookware Set

12 Piece Stainless Aluminum w/ Bonus Griddle

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Farberware Millennium StainlessFarberware began with a tinsmith who set up his shop in a dismal New York basement in the year 1900. In 1930, he introduced appliances to his giftware and accessories. Longevity matters.

This set includes all the basic pans you'll need to equip your kitchen. Saucepans are great for sauces, a hot breakfast, or small batches of soup. This set includes one, one and a half, and two quart covered sizes. The eight quart covered stockpot has room for generous portions of stew, mounds of pasta, or larger batches of homemade soup.

A good skillet is the most used pan in a home or professional kitchen. They allow the cook to do everything from searing meat to sauteing vegetables and if you're a bit of a gourmet, deglaze the pan for sauce or make gravies in the same skillet and add extra flavor to your creations. This set includes both an eight and a ten inch open skillet. The bonus of the group is an eleven inch nonstick Affiniti square griddle- that means pancakes! It also includes two Prestige kitchen tools: a slotted spoon and a slotted turner.

The silicone enhanced stainless steel handles are securely riveted and comfortable in the hand. The pans are oven safe to four hundred degrees. These Farberware pieces have polished stainless steel construction and see through glass lids. The thick aluminum base of the pans is surrounded by 18/0 stainless protector for nice heat distribution. The collection is dishwasher safe.

This set has a nice shine and a pleasant curve to the handle design. Customers seem pleased with both the quality and the feel of the cookware.

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