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Electric Coffee Maker 8 Cup FCP280

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Farberware Stainless Percolator If you enjoy the unique sound and flavor of percolating coffee, the Farberware can brew up to a cup per minute, eight cups per pot, for your enjoyment. Made of heavy stainless steel and offering a thousand watts to do the work, it features a stay cool handle. The lid's knob has rolled edges for safer handling. You can detach the cord for ease in serving and take it right to the table or leave it plugged in and allow it to continue to keep the coffee warm.

This item brings back fond memories of grandma's house; the aroma and the particular sound of the coffee permeated her kitchen. The percolator rivals the speed of other coffee makers and cleans easily. People insist that they will never go back to a modern coffee maker again after tasting their percolater coffee.

Please note that the cup size measure is based on traditional coffee cups and not the larger mugs many people are used to now.

The pot has an interesting look to it, classic or even retro, much more attractive than the plastic of other coffee makers. Some people claim that the coffee is more flavorful than with other methods of brewing, even allowing use of cheaper brands to still produce excellently flavored coffee. Just don't forget to unplug it when you're finished.

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