Fisher & Paykel DCS Sealed Gas Cooktop Range

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Fisher & Paykel DCS Sealed Gas CooktopIf you've ever been left wanting when it comes to space on your cooktop, had to rotate food on and off the burners because you simply lacked sufficient space, or if you've ever wished you could have more control over the power of the flame you use and wanted to get the most from an upgrade in cookware, this item may be just what you're looking for.

This selection, from Fisher & Paykel through DCS, provides six sealed dual-flow burners which include an ultra low flame for very delicate, precision cooking. The burners are designed to keep spills out and to spread their heat, diffusing it across the surface of your cookware. This helps eliminate hot spots near the center of your pans.

There are no pilot lights to worry about, and electronic spark ignition gives you a reliable flame that will relight if it is blown out while in use. The burner grates are sectioned, so they remove easily. They are flat-topped and snugly abut one another, so heavy pans can be maneuvered without tipping and the whole surface remains more stable.

The upkeep is simple due to the design, which keeps food out and makes cleaning hassle free. Highly functional, this commercial-style cooktop will improve the appearance of your kitchen as well as your food.

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