Fisher & Paykel Four Burner Gas Cooktop by DCS

Brushed Stainless Steel Stove Top

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Fisher & Paykel Four Burner Gas CooktopFirst, indulge me for a moment of explanation. Fisher & Paykel acquired DCS in 2004 and it became one of their footholds in the North American market. What does this mean for you? That you're getting the quality and unique design of Fisher & Paykel through an American headquarters and factory. You don't have to sacrifice to show your pride.

What impressed me just looking at the cooktop is the fit of the burner grates. They are made to seat together so that they support one another. They also sit on feet which suspend them nicely above the cooktop surface. The feet stand in the formed tray, which provides added stability to keep them in place. Their tops create a continuous flat surface better suited for sliding hot or heavy cookware without spills or tipping. The look of the construction is artistic, something you can't often say about a cooktop.

The burner arrangement also provides ample area to slide a pan aside, maximizing useful space. The Dual Flow burners can produce an ultra low flame, making low, slow, delicate preparations possible. Four burners are packed into a thirty-inch top, the device operated via ergonomic control knobs. The recessed surface helps contain spills and makes upkeep easy.

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  1. Ajay Rokmon Says:

    DCS by Fisher & Paykel are USELESS when it comes to, as they call it, “customer care” and obtaining parts, only I would add that they are downright DISHONEST. They are forcing me to pay $32 (x4) for a stainless steel bezel part that I don’t need except for the little piece of plastic that snaps into place. A 10-cent piece of plastic for $32. Terry Bushie of DCS in Huntington Beach CA ignored my phone calls once she learned I was looking for some fairness – for three months – and F&P in New Zealand – New Zealand! – they might as well be on the moon. You only get to talk to the robotic “customer care” clerks who only no how to say “sorry, there’s nothing I can do.” Stay away from DCS by Fisher & Paykel. They are dishonest people working for a dishonest company.