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Fisher & Paykel Gas Cooktop Trying to cook on cheaper gas cooktops can be annoying. The trivets over the burners constantly slip, don't fit some pieces of cookware well, and seem to attract stubborn food spills. Not with this cooktop. The Fisher and Paykel trivets are recessed and streamlined. They stay put when you slide a full stockpot across the surface.

Their construction provides five burners where others offer only four, eliminating dead space (because what can you really store in the center of the stove that won't become splattered or catch on fire?) and giving you the room to keep all of your food hot while the last of the meal is cooking. Not only that, the fifth burner is wok ready, and there is a simmer mat for delicate foods.

The worst part about getting a new stove is knowing that the time will come where something is going to get burned on and it will never be the same again. Here, the tray under the trivets has a high lip and the ability to contain spills up to a gallon. The trivets are coated in porcelain and the burners are capped. Nothing is getting in there.

Fisher & Paykel has won me over and become my favorite producer of modern appliances because of their innovative design ideas.

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