Food Network Magazine Tops Husni’s “Notable” List

Posted by on Nov 17

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food network magazine notable launch 09With this year's loss of Gourmet Magazine and several other noteworthy publication franchises, it's interesting to see how the critics judge the press that's left. “Mr. Magazine” Samir Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi, has recently published his opinions regarding the best new magazine launch this year, and he says that it was an "easy choice to make." According to Husni, the "Most Notable Launch of the Year" goes to Food Network Magazine.

While compiling a list of Notable Launches for 2009, Husni critiqued each entry using the following five questions as a standard:

  • How much publicity did the magazine generate?
  • How relevant was the magazine to the intended market?
  • Was the magazine notably diversified and specialized?
  • How innovative were the magazines?
  • Was the magazine so bizarre it had to be included?

Husni explained that the "American publishing model of the past is dead." Magazines have to step up to the challenge and re-invent another way to connect to their audience. Innovation is key -- and that's what made Food Network Magazine stand out from the crowd. He says that all other magazines were "distant seconds."

FN Magazine's debut after the economic crash of '08 started out with a sizeable yet "modest" following of 300, 000 readers. In a time that saw numerous bankruptcies, losses, and closures, FN Magazine "demanded attention" and strove to provide a more interactive approach than others. Husni notes that the magazine "focused solely on the customers who count, the reader, rather than counting customers." And as a result, it "soared to new levels of circulation in an atmosphere of continuous declines in circulation." Food Network Magazine's circulation is now over one million and continues to climb. That's a feat that took Gourmet Magazine 74 years to accomplish.

"No other magazine launch can match what Food Network did this last year," Husni stated.

For the entire "Mr. Magazine" Notable Launch List, visit Folio Magazine online.


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