Frigidaire Freestanding Chest Freezer

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Frigidaire Freestanding Chest Freezer I can still remember following my brother down into the darkness of the basement to escape the oppressive summer heat. We'd walk to the big white chest freezer my parents kept in the far corner, crack the top, and search out one of the cold ice cream bars or frozen popsicles inside. The cool air felt nice on our faces till Mom yelled down for us to close the door.

The Frigidaire looks exactly like the one we used to have. It is a very basic workhorse model that does what it needs to do. It offers 8.8 cubic feet of space, with lift-out baskets for quick access to fudgy bars or frozen pizza, and plenty of room for heavy packages in the bottom. Extra storage means you can skip dangerous winter drives to town to stock up and keep your summer afternoons for play.

Plug it in, and fill it up. That's about all that is required. It comes equipped with a drain for an occasional manual defrost. I like the extra surface the door provides. I wouldn't store anything on top (that would limit access), but put it next to the washing machine for a spot to sort clothes or in a mud room to hold keys and mail.

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