Frigidaire Upright Freestanding Commercial Freezer

Stainless Steel PLFU1778ES

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Frigidaire Upright FreestandingThis Frigidaire model is a beauty, a vision in easy care stainless steel. It is made to hold a prominent place in the kitchen, not to be hidden away. This model matches the Frigidaire PLRU1778ES refrigerator, but could easily stand alone. It offers the look of a built-in and a 16.7-cubic-foot capacity.

Moving beyond the surface attractiveness, you will be equally pleased with the interior design. Flexible storage is the main feature, with access as a primary consideration. The doors provide storage with bins which can be reset and custom-adjusted to fit your needs. The generously proportioned tilt-out wire door bins give plenty of options for sorting items.

The freezer contains three main shelves along with the five in the door. The main shelves are glass -- two have wire baskets for storage underneath and one pulls out for easy access to smaller or difficult packages. This unit is frost free and has an automatic door closing function. You don't have to wonder if the door shut behind you when your arms are loaded down with packages, and it's great if you have a busy household with kids who don't always pay attention.

Two minor drawbacks should be mentioned. This model lacks in energy efficiency, an offering which has practically become standard in new appliances. Also, it comes ice maker ready, which means one will have to be added at an additional cost should you need it.

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