George Foreman Black Deep Fryer

Kitchen Appliance Smart Spin GSF026B

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George Foreman Black Deep Fryer Maybe the best part of this design is the Smart Spin technology, which spins your food for up to two minutes on either low or high speed. This removes up to fifty five percent of the fat absorbed during frying. The basket design of the GSF026B keeps food intact during the spin cycle. Convection currents from the hot oil beneath the food help deliver food that's crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. A convenient viewing window lets you watch the cooking process. The Foreman has a two and three fifths liter oil capacity and a one and two fifths pound food capacity.

The immersed heating element gives uniform and quick heating and fast temperature recovery times. The timer has an audible signal. With several additional features, including a programmable thermostat, temperature ready light, and cool touch handles, this is one mean little machine. And for cleanup, the dishwasher safe parts mean less hassle.

Customers can see the difference in their foods and in the amount of oil left on their serving plates, fingers and paper towels. They can also taste the difference; the flavor of their food comes through instead of the flavor of the oil. With the fat savings, you can enjoy your favorite foods a bit more often. I would be concerned that over time the dials on the front of the machine would begin to clot with oil. Other users have had problems getting the basket back into the fryer when the parts and oil are hot and recommend removing your food from the basket, not the basket from the fryer.

Due to the size of the unit, small batches must be made and enjoyed at a time. Overall, owners of the deep fryer are thrilled and full of tasty fried goodies.

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