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George Foreman G5 Grill The highlight of this Foreman grill is the plate system with five interchangeable, removable grill plates: a grill plate, a steak plate, two
waffle plates, and a shallow pan. The combination of these plates make it possible to prepare a variety of new foods that would have been impossible with older model grills. Breakfast? You can make waffles, pancakes, bacon and eggs! For lunch, the grill acts as a panini press. It even has that press-style handle, a step up in class. Snack time? Bake a pizza. And for dinner, you can still do what Foreman grills have always done: quickly cook meats, seafood and vegetables while the fat drains away. You can also bake in the grill -- make cookies and desserts.

I am pleased that the company finally began to make plates that are dishwasher safe. A kitchen towel soaked in water and lemon juice can steam-clean off any leftover flavors or stubborn spots if you prefer to clean them by hand. These grills are perfect for small kitchens, dorms, or apartment living, or as a convenient method of cooking when you don't want the extensive preparation and cleanup that comes with making a meal on the stove. Days when we're busy, ours remains out on the counter, and I put those eighty-four expansive inches of cooking surface to use throughout the day. I have to also mention the adjustable tilt angle, because it allows you to set the grill as needed for the food you're cooking, so there's no worry that eggs will slide right off the front, and if there is an item you want a little juicier, you don't have to let it drain.

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