German Chef Sarah Wiener Introduces Children To Harsh Cooking Realities

Posted by on Apr 2

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sarah-wiener-rabbit-cookingParents and mentors will always have differing personal opinions of where the line should be drawn for children to experience "real life" events. What is "too violent?" How much is "too much intensity?"

Typically, though, when an entire group of children all agree that it's too much, it's safe to say the line has been crossed.

Today, German celebrity chef Sarah Wiener may have learned this the hard way. In her new television series titled "Sarah Wiener and the Kitchen Children," she filmed an episode in which her young teenage audience learns where the meat they eat comes from. How was this accomplished? A rabbit was electrocuted, skinned, and butchered before their eyes.

The students who were part of Wiener's audience were obviously troubled by the brutal display of cooking preparation techniques. Some even cried during the filming of the show.

Sarah Wiener defends her position by stating that the children were old enough to know how their food comes to their table. She stated that when people are aware of what actually goes on in slaughterhouses, "a transfiguration, an aestheticization, and an underestimation of food products occurs."

The season premiere of "Sarah Wiener and the Kitchen Children" will air April 6 on the Arte network, and will likely be extremely educational. What else is to be expected other than the brutally honest truth?

Source: The Local

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