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Global Cromova 18 Paring Knife With a Western style shape and the fine technical details of the best Japanese chef's cutlery, this 3 1/2 inch Paring knife from Global--the first to introduce Japanese gourmet quality knives to western kitchens--combines several of the excellent qualities of both knife making traditions.

The flat taper-ground forged blade is strong enough to guide accurately through the work, without the tendency to bend and wander that stamped steel knives show in use. The thin profile of the blade, ground with that slender Japanese taper, slips beneath the peel of fruits and vegetables almost without effort. The dimpled stainless steel handle has enough contour to fit most Western hands without being bulky. Just be careful if you're used to dull knives with wedge shaped edges--if you're in the habit of cutting with the edge against your thumb you'll need a supply of bandaids. This knife is sharp.

As with the larger blades in the Global line, special attention should be given to the edge to protect it from chipping--use it only on wood or plastic cutting boards and don't sharpen it with a honing steel. Global recommends several alternatives, one good solution being a diamond hone.

The Cromova 18 alloy stainless steel that gives this knife its edge holding ability also makes it highly stain resistant. Handwashing is recommended to protect the edge from damage during a machine wash cycle.

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