Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmare” On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Posted by on Feb 23

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gordon ramsay ellen showCelebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show was, as Ellen herself put it, "an unexpected 'Kitchen Nightmare' of his own."

Ramsay is well known for his drama-filled reality series, one of which is "Kitchen Nightmares." In this particular series, Chef Gordon visits a failing restaurant and attempts to help turn it into a success in just one week. It's a huge hit in the UK and has moved on to the U.S. airwaves in the past couple of years. The show's BAFTA and Emmy awards speak for themselves -- although it's usually Ramsay's flared tempers and blatant impatience for cooking mishaps which leave viewers shocked and utterly transfixed, craving more drama.

So is it Gordon Ramsay's comeuppance that he sliced his own finger on the Ellen Show this afternoon? (We're not talking about any mediocre slice, either. The mishap ended up removing one of his fingernails. Ouch!)

That's what some might infer. But Ramsay laughed off the situation, saying, "I wasn't concentrating. I haven't cut myself this big in 10 years!"

Ramsay's featured recipe was a Spicy Vegetable Stir Fry -- although it's that "pinch of dried chili flakes" at the bottom of the list that adds the most spiciness to it, and it's an optional ingredient. Click here for a link to the recipe that's safe for all those who would rather steer clear of witnessing Ramsay's own Kitchen Nightmare.

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