Green Mountain Ceramic Utility Knife Set

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Green Mountain Ceramic Utility KnifeThese Green Mountain Zirconium Oxide Knives in a set of four are actually the same two knife set, repeated. If you want a set of one 5" and one 4" blade for yourself and a set for a friend, that can be a good thing. Otherwise, now you have spares.

The razor sharp ceramic blades can't be sharpened at home without special equipment, and restoring the edges shouldn't be attempted by anyone but a professional. When they need work they should go back to the factory for refurbishing. Sharpening isn't a constant need with ceramic knives, which typically hold a fine working edge for over a year of normal use. Edges degrade by chipping rather than abrasion, and micro chipping does not noticeably reduce their efficiency.

Ceramic knives are very high quality slicing knives but their use for other things is not recommended, since flexing, dropping, pressing with the flat of the blade, or even rotating the blade on edge on a cutting board (as for mincing herbs) can break the blade or ruin the edge. A straight forward slicing cut is what these knives do well.

Unique advantages of the ceramic knives include real stain resistance, no contribution of metallic flavor to acidic food, and edges that stay sharp. Always wash these knives by hand, never in the dishwasher, and always store them in the felt lined cases Green Mountain provides.

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