Haier 6 Bottle Wine Cellar Cooler

Digital Silver HVUE06ABS

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Haier 6 Bottle Wine Cellar Cooler This Haier model uses thermal electric cooling, which is done without a compressor. It can maintain precise temperatures and do so
quietly. Vibration, which can cause bubbles to form in your wine, is minimal. The lack of moving parts makes this a highly reliable and low maintenance choice. Thermal electric cooling is environmentally friendly, as there are no damaging refrigerants required.

The cooler has an adjustable thermostat (39-72 degrees), three wire storage racks, and a six-bottle capacity. The door features a recessed handle and double pane insulated glass. The cellar has a soft interior light and freestanding leveling legs. Its size is perfect for the countertop or bar area.

Wine retains its integrity when kept at a constant temperature. A unit dedicated solely to wine is more likely to consistently maintain the ideal temperature, as the door isn't regularly opened and closed as happens with a household refrigerator. Wine is also best stored on its side in order to keep the cork moistened. This unit will readily serve the needs of the average wine drinker. It can be used for storage or for simply chilling wine. The cellar is an excellent way to keep wine at the ready for personal use or for social occasions.

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