Hamilton Beach 3 In 1 Slow Cooker

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Hamilton Beach 3 In 1 Slow Cooker I truly didn't believe the crock pot could be improved upon. My mind has changed. This set comes with crocks in three sizes which fit into a single base. The glass lid fits all three sizes. Now I can cook and store in the choice that fits my meal size. I can serve in all three for a matching set. Since they're safe for the oven and microwave, I can cook or warm in all three as well.

The crocks nest to save space. They are safe for the dishwasher. The electronics are uncomplicated and the pot has large, wide set handles, making this a good set for anyone who has visual impairments or trouble gripping. If you're clumsy, like me, having a spare one or two crocks will ensure you can still use your appliance if there are any accidents.

The pot is sized just right to bring to the table to heat or serve food. The meal will stay warm for seconds, and there are no extra trips back and forth to the kitchen. This would be well suited for parties, keeping a dip or hot drink at the ready. The crocks could be switched out as needed. For football parties, you could even serve a different dish at each break.

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