Hamilton Beach Hand & Stand Mixer with Attachment Set

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Hamilton Beach Hand & Stand Mixer withI am a lover of sweet treats, but standing over the bowl with the mixer, I can never quite find a comfortable position. Sometimes everything goes well. Other times, I wish I had an extra set of hands. That is where the versatility of a hand/stand mixer is a blessing. When my arm gets tired, I can let the mixer sit on the stand to do its work. When I need that extra freedom to manipulate the beaters or get to tough spots (or when I don't feel like pulling out the whole stand), I can use the hand mixer alone.

This Hamilton Beach model features a shift and stir bowl, which makes it easier to add ingredients during mixing. The head of the mixer travels around the bowl as the beaters spin in the opposite direction to give dough and batter a greater level of smoothness. The bowl rest is grooved to both stabilize the mixer and cut down on drips. And, of course, the attachment set contains all the basic tools you'll need.

This collection is really for those of us who don't require a full-service, heavy duty stand mixer like the classic KitchenAid version. This choice is lighter, less expensive, and capable enough for the moderate duties most kitchens will call upon it to perform.

If you're ready for the real deal, you can't go wrong with a KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer.

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