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Hard, Anodized Aluminum Futura Cookware

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Futura Pressure Cooker -- New, Easy &The Futura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker by Hawkins converts one of the beasts of the kitchen into a helpful ally. No more messing around with gaskets that won't stay put -- this is space-age technology put to good use.

Pressure cooking is a simple idea that's been around for a long time. Sealing the food in the pressure cooker raises the air pressure inside the pot as the food heats. As the air pressure goes up, so does the boiling point of the water. Food cooks at a higher temperature, and overall cooking time drops by as much as 50 percent. Cooking with an old style of pressure cooker, however, was not a job for a nervous person. Getting that gasket to seal often took several tries and a liberal coating of vegetable oil.

This modern design uses an entirely different type of pressure seal -- an O-ring style of gasket permanently bonded to the rim of the lid. Set the lid in place inside the pot, not on top of it, and a squeeze of the double handle locks the lid down. You can't release the lid again until the pot cools to a safe temperature. An automatic release valve vents steam downward to keep the pot working within safe pressure limits. You'll find the handbook that comes with the pot essential. Follow the instructions carefully if you're new to pressure-cooking. The recipes included give you a good sampling of what's possible, including more efficient cooking, more nutrients, and more flavor.

The hard anodized aluminum oxide surface has more abrasion resistance than steel, and cleans up easily with ordinary detergent.

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