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Solingen Stainless Steel Full Tang Granton 5 Inch

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Henckels Twin Cuisine Santoku Knife With some concessions to competitive design--and new ideas of their own--Henckels brings us a patented new TWIN Cuisine 5" Santoku. This hollow ground pattern has been a standard tool in Asian kitchens but is relatively new here in the West. The Santoku design is a direct competitor of the familiar Cook's Knife of European traditions. Although more limited in use, the Santoku is better at a few important things.

Commonly made today from a stamped blank of stainless steel, this version of Santoku is forged using Henckels advanced technology and Old World ideas. Instead of the heavy blade and full width bolster of the Cook's Knife pattern, this knife has a blade nearly as thin as the modern stamped knives, but with a one piece forged build that includes a narrow bolster and a unique, patented handle tang. The horizontal tang and end cap are permanently bonded to polypropylene handle slabs without rivets. The look is stylish and striking as well as comfortable and practical.

The thin hollow ground blade cuts with less friction than a comparable chef's or cook's knife--the multiple hollows, or granton, break the contact between food slices and blade, allowing pieces to fall away easily. The extra width keeps knuckles off the work surface, and the narrow bolster allows full use of the entire cutting edge.

Henckels uses Solingen stainless steel in this series, well respected for edge retention and stain resistance. Another advantage of this tough alloy is easy sharpening--although it will not hold an edge as long as harder steel, it will not chip and can be easily maintained with a honing steel. Always wash and dry by hand to protect edge and finish.

It's part of the same set as the Henckels Twin Cuisine serrated utility knife.

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