Henckels Steak Knife Set of 4

Full Tang Cutlery, Twin Signature Plain Edge

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Henckels Twin Signature Steak Knife Set The four knives in this Twin Signature Steak Knife Set form J. A. Henckels show a few style changes over the classic Henckels design, resulting in improvements in appearance as well as performance. The triple riveted full tang construction of the composite slab handles has been slightly curved for a more ergonomic grip, without losing the traditional look of German cutlery.
Blade design has also been subtly changed, with a slight double curve to the edge that places the belly of the tip, not the point of the knife, in the zone where most cutting takes place. Diners will be able to slice a good steak with the edge, not the tip, and still keep hands above the plate.

The stamped steel blades are light weight but more than strong enough for the application, and keep a sharp edge due to the special FRIODUR ice hardening tempering process. This same tempering method is used on the workhorse knives in the Henckels product line, giving them good edge holding ability along with resilience and easy sharpening. When dull, these fine edged blades can be quickly restored with only a few strokes of a sharpening steel.

Although dishwasher safe, as with all fine cutlery, hand washing is recommended.

Compare these with the Wusthof 6-piece Steak Knife Set.

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