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Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Juicer The Hurricane is a manual juicer which mounts right on the side of the counter, like an old fashioned meat grinder. A simple clamp attaches the juicer to the countertop and protective feet prevent the metal from marring the surface. This crank operated device presses juice from soft fruits, berries, grasses, and leafy vegetables. Made from stainless steel, it is lightweight and won't rust.

The unit comes with a five year warranty and a thirty day money back guarantee. Even more appealing, should you purchase the manual juicer and decide to later upgrade, the company will take their product back and issue you a $60 credit toward the electric juicer of your choice (within one year of original purchase).

With a very limited number of parts to disassemble and clean, the Hurricane is a pleasure to deal with. Manual juicers have a reputation for avoiding the problems which plague electric juicers, such as clogging or causing harm to the vital enzymes released from the grass pulp.

Wheatgrass provides chlorophyll, enzymes, and amino acids in its juice. Usually taken in very small doses once or twice a day, it is antibacterial inside and outside the body. Many other health claims have been made about its juice and that of related grasses. Not all have been proven, but there is plenty of evidence that the juice is a healthy addition to the diet.

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