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Posted by on Apr 25

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Thousands of people travel the globe every day just to experience the latest and greatest in dining experiences. But for some, a winning menu is only part of the package. A fresh and inspirational architectural design can add a significant boost to a diner's overall appreciation for their experience.

Based on their design, here are three modern restaurants that are worth consideration for an avant-garde foodie's next adventure:

Ithaa, a Maldivian attraction located 15 feet below the Indian Ocean on Rangali Island, is the world's first undersea restaurant made entirely of glass. The name means "pearl" in Dhivehi, the region's native language. It's part of the Hilton Resort and Spa at the Maldives. Guests dining at Ithaa order Maldivian-Western fusion while sitting beneath a transparent acrylic tunnel, gazing at aquatic wildlife while they eat. And it's an elite, gourmet experience to say the least. Guests can expect to pay at least $125 for lunch, or up to $250 for dinner.

Nouveau is a French cafe located in the Cab 3000 shopping mall in St. Laurent du Var. The designer, Matali Crasset, wanted to capture the intrinsic French culture of open-air patio dining for an indoor setting. Thus, the brightly-colored pink and purple restaurant is composed of patio "islands," inter-connected to represent a modern archipelago. But the key point in the cafe's business strategy is the building itself. Each piece can be easily taken apart, transported to another location, and rebuilt as needed.

And for the thrill-seeking, adrenaline-junkie food lover, the name of this next "restaurant" says it all: Dinner in the Sky. Specially-made platforms with tables and chairs are hoisted into the air via crane, and diners (once they're safely strapped in) can enjoy a full meal from 162 feet, enjoying a bird's eye view of their surroundings. Each table seats 22 guests, and the gourmet experience can cost up to $30,000. Dinner in the Sky moveable restaurants are found in cities like Paris, Dubai, and Las Vegas -- and even over the Grand Canyon.

Source: WebUrbanist

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