Ironwood Gourmet Square Cutting Board

Laminated Acacia Wood End Grain

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Ironwood Gourmet Square Cutting Board Made from small blocks of laminated end grain acacia wood, this beautiful cutting board, 14" x 14" x 1.25", is durable in kitchen prep applications and pretty enough to double as a serving tray. While acacia wood has been described as an environmentally friendly product, acacia species large enough to harvest for lumber are not common worldwide and do take scores of years to grow. An American species, mesquite, is common but seldom reaches a size that is commercially useful.

Very dense and very hard, this dark and beautiful hardwood has the interesting ability to change color in different types of lighting. Called chatoyancy, this property causes the wood to have the color of dark walnut or the luster of fine teak, depending upon how the wood is viewed. Proper care of the wood is necessary to bring out the best of that feature. Regular treatment with butcher block oil protects the grain of the wood from expansion and contraction damage as well as enhancing the beauty of the wood.

Although this cutting board is sealed, end grain boards are more susceptible to moisture uptake and users should be careful to keep them off wet counter tops. Small cutting boards like these are appropriate for slicing or serving work, but not for heavy chopping.

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