J. K. Adams Cutting Board

Square Maple End Grain Chunk 12 Inch

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J. K. Adams Cutting Board This 12 inch square cutting board from J. K. Adams, built from overlapping rows of hard maple "chunk" blocks and oriented with the end grain as the cutting surface, is a durable and practical kitchen accessory. This maple block looks good enough to serve as a decorative spice shelf when it's not being used to prepare fruits, vegetables, or herbs.

Before its first use, once or twice daily for several days the block should be rubbed down with butcher block oil. After use it can then be hand washed with warm soapy water and re-oiled. The block is not dishwasher safe and should not be immersed in water for anything but a quick rinse, or left on a wet counter top. Store it where it can thoroughly dry after use.

The end grain surface is very wear resistant, allowing blade edges to slide between wood fibers rather than cut across them. Although wood block cutting boards have been shown to be safe for food preparation, a different board should be used for meat, fish, and poultry in order to prevent cross contamination of food.

J. K. Adams of Vermont has been making fine wood block cutting boards for more than sixty years at its Dorset, Vermont, facility and guarantees its products for five years of normal use. It's reasonable to expect these boards to last a lifetime with ordinary care.

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