Henckels Forged Chef’s Knife, Full Tang Cutlery

International Classic Stainless Steel 8 Inch

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 J.A. Henckels International ClassicThe 8 inch International Classic Chef's Knife from J. A. Henckels Cutlery of Germany maintains the old standards in this modern version of the mainstay knife of Western kitchens. The specially formulated stainless steel blade of the Classic is forged from a single bar of high carbon alloy--blade, bolster and full length tang are all the same high grade steel. Synthetic handle slabs are joined solidly to the tang with stainless steel rivets and should be gap free for the lifetime of the blade.

Compared to modern stamped blades cut from rolls of stainless, this is a heavy knife. That may not be a disadvantage if you need a knife that will do nearly everything the kitchen requires. Chefs sometimes sharpen the edges of their "cook's knives" in three different angles to increase the knife's versatility. A few inches towards the tip could be ground at a thin angle for mincing and dicing-- the mid section a bit less acute for quick and accurate slicing, and the heaviest section near the bolster ground with a sturdy edge for the heaviest work, like cutting through a joint of meat. Today's cooks seldom use the forged blades to the best advantage, often taking them just as they are when they come out of the box and judging them in those terms. The extra steel in this knife really does give you many more options than you'd expect.

Henckels provides a lifetime warranty in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong, but the knife is solidly built and hard to break. It should be honed with a steel before use and touched up as needed--putting it through a dishwasher is hard on both polish and edge, but hand washing is simple and easy.

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