J.A. Henckels Twin Cuisine Paring Knife

Kitchen Stainless Steel 4 Inch Full Tang

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J.A. Henckels Twin Cuisine Paring Knife With a patented new handle design, the build of the Henckels 4" Twin Cuisine Paring knife brings full sized features to the most abused knife in the kitchen. Many cooks work with paring knives retrieved from someone's bargain bin, awkward to hold and inefficient to use--the Henckel's Twin Cuisine model will be a true pleasure to hold and easy on the hands as well.

The new design of the forged full tang handle allows permanent bonding of polypropylene handle slabs to the horizontal tang, without rivets. Knives with a lighter build will flex in use, making precise cuts hard to follow, but the stiffer steel of this forged pattern will track easily through all types of food.

Use the paring knife to remove blemishes and peels from fruits and vegetables or trim away gristle and fat from cuts of meat. The sensible handle gives you the grip and fine control you need for accurate work.

The Solingen stainless steel of this highly polished blade is flat ground and has a wide strong bevel for a lasting cutting edge that won't fold or chip. A few strokes of a honing steel are usually all the maintenance the knife will need. The paring knife is dishwasher safe but edge and polish will last longer if the knife is hand washed and dried immediately after use.

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