J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star Steak Knife

Kitchen Solingen Stainless Steel 4 1/2 Inch

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J.A. Henckels Twin Four Star SteakThe Henckels Twin Four Star series offers the strength of one piece forged stainless steel in a stylishly designed 4 1/2" steak knife. This type of construction is usually reserved for kitchen prep knives where the higher strength can be a practical necessity. In a steak knife it adds functionality, with a blade that is stiffer than similar knives of stamped steel, but the biggest advantage is appearance.

With a durable black polypropylene handle fitted to a concealed full length rat tail tang, the forged blade and bolster show obvious quality with functionality to match. The ice hardened blade is ground with a sweeping curve that puts the belly of the knife in the cutting zone without putting the diner's knuckles on the plate.

The fine edge of this knife can be easily sharpened with a few strokes of a honing steel, unlike serrated edge blades that must be maintained at the factory. Henckels uses high quality Solingen stainless steel for these knives, chosen for edge retention and easy sharpening. A set of Four Star steak knives can be quickly touched up before service, ensuring your guests have the best.

Caring for the polish and appearance of this knife is equally simple--the Four Star line is dishwasher safe, but for best results wash and dry the knives by hand in mild detergent before storing them in a wooden knife block.

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