J.A. Henckels Steak Knife Set of 8

Stainless Steel Plain Edge Twin Signature

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J.A. Henckels Twin Signature SteakThe Henckels Twin Signature series steak knives in this eight piece set definitely have a distinctive style, with subtle differences in blades as well as the dark synthetic handles. Keeping the general appearance of traditional Henckels knives, the old features like triple riveted slab handles have been modernized just enough to show some extra class.

The curves of the contoured and comfortable grips allow diners to use the specially designed blades efficiently, slicing with the belly of the cutting edge rather than the tip. Many knives cut mostly with the point, but these have been shaped to put a curved cutting edge at the place it's most likely to encounter work. The result is a knife that cuts steak and keeps your knuckles off the plate.

The Signature series uses stamped steel knife blanks fully tempered and ice hardened for extra strength and a durable cutting edge. The fine edges of these knives can be quickly restored to original sharpness with a few strokes of a sharpening steel.

Although Henckels products are dishwasher safe, to care for the finish of this fine stainless steel a quick hand washing with mild detergent is the best way to protect both steel and cutting edge. The knives will spot unless they are wiped dry; detergents with lemon additives may also etch the steel.

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