“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” Nominated For TV Academy Honors

Despite Being Shut Out Of Los Angeles Public Schools

Posted by on Mar 8

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The Emmy Award-presenting Television Academy of Arts & Sciences has just announced its nominees for the TV Academy Honors, a ceremony that recognizes television episodes and documentaries for their potential to inspire, inform, motivate, and change lives. According to the organization's official website, this award ceremony in its fourth year celebrates "Television With A Conscience."
This year, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is nominated for his reality TV show "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution." During its first season, Oliver visited the city of Huntington, West Virginia, which at the time was ranked by the CDC as one of the worst cities for nutrition in America. A camera crew followed his every move as he went into public schools, workplaces and homes, teaching people to switch from high-calorie processed foods to a more nutritionally friendly diet.
A lot of controversy has already been ignited during Oliver's trip to Los Angeles, where he is currently attempting to film content for the second season of the Emmy-winning "Food Revolution." The Los Angeles Unified School District has shut him out of their schools, even amidst potential to improve the district's school lunch programs.
Said Oliver, "I've had a tough time here. Nothing that was planned has come off."
Representatives from the school district state their reasons for the denial as show-related, not health-related. "We're interested in Jamie Oliver the food activist, not Jamie the reality TV star," remarked Robert Alaniz, a spokesperson for the district. "We've invited him to work with our menu committee, but there's too much drama, too much conflict with a reality show."
In the meantime, the "Food Revolution" cast and crew will have to wait until May to learn if their first season will earn a TV Academy Honors award. Other nominees include "Parenthood," "Private Practice," "Friday Night Lights," "The Oprah Winfrey Show," "The Big C," and documentaries "The 16th Man" and "Warton 1861-2010." The event will be hosted by Emmy winner Dana Delaney on May 5, 2011.

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