Jamie’s Italian Goes Asian In 2010

Posted by on Aug 28

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jamie's italian hong kongUK celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is by no means a stranger to success.  He's inspired a produce makeover in several cities, school kitchens, and workplaces.   His TV programs on healthier eating are buzzworthy to say the least.  His cookbook sales are still soaring through the roof. And this year, his net worth of over $82 billion placed him on the UK "Rich List."

So what's Jamie Oliver going to do next?  According to his PR reps, the answer lies in Hong Kong.

Oliver has five restaurants in the UK, and is planning on extending his business to Hong Kong and Singapore by opening six new Jamie's Italian restaurants.  These restaurants are expecting to serve similar cuisine at fair prices, and are aiming to build an inclusive environment for multiple social classes.  "At Jamie's restaurants, you will often find a blue-collar worker, a student, and the chairman of a blue-chip company side by side having a meal," states Oliver's press release.

However, it's estimated than an average three-course meal at Jamie's would cost around 300 Hong Kong dollars -- that's roughly $39 at today's exchange rate.  And not many blue-collar workers would be able to afford such a luxury (nor would most Americans pay $39 per person in this economy either.)  But Jamie's Italian would still cost less than other celebrity-friendly establishments in Hong Kong, such as Pierre and Nobu.

Oliver's first restaurant in Asia is scheduled to be completed in Hong Kong during the summer of 2010.

Source: GoHongKong

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