J.K. Adams Kitchen Spice Rack

Maple Wood Carousel 48 Jar CSL-48-SM

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J.K. Adams Kitchen Spice Rack J.K. Adams offers this eight by eight by sixteen inch spice carousel created from incredibly smooth hard rock sugar maple which is covered in a clear finish. Neutral for any decor, the set includes forty eight glass jars (three and a half ounces each) with sifters that snap on and screw cap tops. Industrial ball bearing swivels enable the unit to spin for ease of access to your seasonings. The labels are washable, the jars dishwasher safe, and the carousel can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

If you've ever had to hunt through a dark cabinet crowded with spices for the one item you require, you'll understand the need for such a rack. With forty eight bottles, you will have room for just about any flavor you can imagine. The spices are not included in this set, so simply fill the bottles from your own collection. The jars fit nicely, the carousel is well constructed, and this rack holds nearly double what other racks contain. The look is impressive and once filled and labeled, the spice center gives you control over seasonings immediately at hand. Also, the items are made in the USA, so you get to support American suppliers with your purchase. It's a nice set, with much to recommend it.

Here's a similar spice rack with 20 jars instead of a massive 48.

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