John Boos Blocks Cutting Board Set w/ Mezzaluna Stainless Steel Knife

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John Boos Blocks Cutting Board Set w/The Mezzaluna cutting board and knife from John Boos & Company will let the home chef mince and dice fresh herbs, vegetables, and nuts with efficiency and ease, and it keeps your counter clean.

The one piece high carbon stainless steel knife has two cutting edges and a wide rolled steel handle, easily rocked in the wooden bowl of the hard maple cutting block with one hand or with two. The end grain block construction of the compact 10" x 10" x 2" board lifts high enough off the counter surface that a bowl or plate can be slipped partially underneath. Scoop the contents of the board's bowl directly onto the container with no spillage.

The cutting board is not dishwasher safe, but requires very little maintenance and is easily cleaned by hand with a mild detergent solution. Afterwards, wipe it dry with a paper towel and let it air dry. Don't store it away wet and don't submerge it in water except for a quick rinse. Treating with mineral oil before use is recommended, and from time to time a sanitizing rinse of diluted vinegar or even lemon juice will freshen the surface.

The simplistic cutter will need some sharpening, and the shape may not harmonize well with the standard array of knife sharpeners. Diamond hones with bolstered handles could be the safest approach to touching up the edge.

Here's another mezzaluna set, this time by Wusthof.

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