John T. Edge’s Symposium To Celebrate Food Relationships

Posted by on Sep 27

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john t edge symposiumThe Southern Foodways Alliance, or SFA, is getting ready to host their annual symposium in a little over a month. Heading the department, as an offshoot of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture, is cultural food expert John T. Edge.

The purpose of this symposium is to investigate and celebrate the relationship between food and music (including a talk on the agricultural roots of American music, as well as a ballet to songs about pork).

This is somewhat familiar territory for Edge. His writings such as "Donuts: An American Passion" and "Fried Chicken: An American Story" delve into the relationships that particular foods have within a cultural group. Cookbooks like "A Gracious Plenty: Recipes and Recollections From the American South" have earned him a James Beard Award nomination, along with a spot on the esteemed James Beard Who's Who list.

Edge may also find some time at the symposium to discuss the latest book he's been working on, tentatively titled "Truck Food Nation." He says he's fascinated by this rising cultural trend, and suggests its increase due to the struggling economy and immigration in the United States.

The SFA symposium will be held October 30 through November 1, 2009. Tickets are still available via a registration request on the SFA website.

Feel like indulging in a little nostalgia of your own?

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