Kai USA Pure Komachi Knife Block Set

Kitchen Cutlery 8 Piece Stainless Acrylic

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Kai USA Pure Komachi Knife Block Set Although it looks fanciful, the idea behind this seven knife block set from Kai, USA--the Pure Komachi--is actually very practical. Each stainless steel knife is color coded with flourinated resin that is anti bacterial and also indicates what food the knife is for. Cross contamination issues are sliced away!

Seven knives in this block set include a 4 1/2" Small Fish Knife (Blue); a 6 3/8" Santoku (Purple); a 6-3/8" Meat Knife (Pink); a 4.5" Fruit/Vegetable Knife (Orange); a 6 " Sandwich Knife (Orange); an 8" Bread Knife (Yellow); and a 4" Tomato Knife (Red).

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