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Kitchen Cutlery | Stainless Steel Damascus 8 Inch VG-10

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Kai USA Shun Chef's Knife If you don't own a Shun already, it's hard to imagine how this Chef's Knife in polished stainless and Damascus layered steel could not become the favorite knife in your kitchen. Using the methods that created the best of the old Samurai swords, Shun Cutlery of Seki City, Japan, has devised one of the best chef's knives in the world.

Simpler in appearance than the complicated hollow ground blades of the Japanese Santoku, the Shun Chef's Knife in the company's special Damascus style steel will outperform the granton design. Sixteen layers (on each side) of high tensile stain free steel sandwiching a central core of extremely hard VG-10 stainless steel create a blade with exceptional sharpness and strength. The rippled effect of the steel layers causes less friction during the cut, with slight horizontal hollows that extend the entire width of the blade.

VG-10 will hold a strong and sharp edge when ground to an acute angle, allowing a cut that is nearly effortless--almost as though the knife falls through the work. The core steel is also hard enough to chip, so it should not be used on bone or frozen food. Chopping, prying and twisting work should all be left to other less refined blades.

Honing steels should not be used on this knife--instead, Shun offers water stones and sharpening systems for the home, as well as sharpening service at the factory.

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