Kai USA Shun Classic Carving Knife

Damascus Stainless Steel 8 Inch VG-10

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Kai USA Shun Classic Carving Knife From Shun's Classic series, this Pakka wood handled Damascus stainless steel Carving Knife brings style and efficiency to a knife that is both fine serving ware and a rugged kitchen tool.

The D-style handle, with a flattened side for better grip, has the look of fine ebony but is created from layers of resin impregnated wood. The blade shows the unusual Damascus-like build that made Shun a quick success in American kitchens. Shun Classic knives don't need the serrated edge that some manufacturers claim is a mark of durability and excellence in a carving blade. Traditional Japanese sword making techniques combined with modern materials and methods result in a knife that's at the top of the quality scale.

The edge of this knife is ground to a very thin sixteen degree bevel that in a softer steel would simply fold during use. The VG-10 core of the blade is hard enough to take that fine an edge and hold it. To support this hard layer, sixteen layers of high tensile strength steel are forged to either side. A similar process was used for the best of the traditional samurai swords.

The rippled surface of the layered steel reduces friction as the blade cuts, and the combination results in a knife that passes through roasts and hams almost without effort, with a quality cut every time. The knife is not intended for use on hard surfaces, for chopping or cutting through bone, or for dividing frozen food. Maintaining the edge will require special sharpening stones or home sharpening systems designed by Shun, not a sharpening steel. Hand washing and storage in a proper wooden knife block are recommended.

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