Kai USA Shun Classic Left Handed Bread Knife

Damascus Stainless Steel 9 Inch VG-10

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Kai USA Shun Classic Left Handed BreadWith a PakkaWood handle built for lefties, this Shun Classic 9 Inch Damascus Stainless Steel Bread Knife retains all the fine features of that high quality modern cutlery. The D-shaped handle, made from layers of resin saturated birchwood, is oriented for left handed grips.

Using some of the techniques that created the finest traditional samurai swords, Shun creates fine blades of layered Damascus stainless steel, built around a hard central core layer of VG-10. That special alloy has the unequaled ability to hold a thin sharp edge, but is too brittle to form a serviceable blade without the support of the thirty two layers of milder stainless steel that give the Classic knives that rippled surface and distinct appearance. The slight hollows formed when the layered steel is polished also give the knife a low friction action like that of a hollow ground santoku. Combined with the serrated edge, that gives this knife the ability to slice through bread or pastry without distorting the loaves.

With ordinary care this edge will last a long time without maintenance. The bread knife should be reserved for bread and pastry and not pressed into service as a carving knife or slicing knife. Using this blade on hard surfaces, bones, or frozen food can damage the cutting edge. When the knife does need refurbishing it should be returned to the factory for work.

The knife is dishwasher safe but should be washed and dried by hand, and stored in a wooden knife block.

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