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Japanese Kitchen Cutlery 6 Inch Full Tang

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Kai USA Shun Gokujo Boning Knife The Shun Steel Gokujo Boning Knife from Kai USA applies the legendary flexibility and edge holding ability of samurai sword technology to the task of boning meat, poultry, and even fish. This 6 inch blade with seamless stainless steel handle, bolster and end cap uses a central core layer of hard VG-10 steel surrounded by sixteen layers (on each side) of softer and more flexible SUS410 stainless, resulting in a knife with a durable and thin razor edge that can bend to follow and remove bones.

The layered Damascus steel look of the Japanese Gokujo has the additional practical effect of ensuring that slices of food stick to the blade less often during preparation. The slightly ripples surface of the blade has some of the suction preventing qualities of a hollow ground Santuko, but with greater flexibility and blade strength.

Care of the Shun Gokujo will include hand washing in a mild detergent solution, even though the knife is dishwasher safe. The thin razor edge can be damaged during a machine washing process.

Upkeep will require occasional maintenance with a good flat water stone or diamond hone rather than a sharpening steel, but the edge is of such quality that it will require attention less often than most Western style blades.

Also part of the same set is the Shun Tomato Knife.

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